FAQ: What is the App URL Scheme?

For Quick Money Recorder Premium, please use "quickmoneyrecorderpremium:"

How to reset the App on an iphone WARNING all data that is not backed up will be deleted

You will have to uninstall and reinstall Quick Money Recorder in order to reset it. WARNING: all the data that is not backed up will be deleted. 1. Press a few seconds on QMR's icon on the iphone's main screen 2. The ...

How to display the Expense History of the previous month

If you want to display the expense list of the previous month, first tap on "List" at the bottom of the main screen. From the list screen, tap on the arrow on the left of the current month and year.

How to amend the Period of the Monthly Calculation

The reference period of the monthly calculation of your expense and income can be changed by setting the last day of the monthly period in "Day of Month End". Tap "Settings" -> Select "Day of Month End" -> Select the day ...

[FAQ] Which currencies are available in QMR?

The list would be a bit long to write here but you can choose between 113 international currencies. Tap on "Settings" and then "Currency Settings". Currencies are listed by country.