How to enter Recurring Expense/Income

Quick Money Recorder lets you enter expense/income details that you make every month and will add them automatically to your expense/income list between your chosen set date.

Follow the step by step instructions below:
1.From the main screen, select “Settings” at the bottom right Android_Mainscreen_Screenshot_Settings

2.From settings, select “Repeat Expense/Income” Screenshot_Android_Repeat_Expense

3.Tap on “Add Repeat Items” Screenshot_Android_Add_Repeat_Items_Underlined

4.Enter the details of the repeat expense/income by taping on each field
Note: Don’t forget to amend the start and end date for the chosen period. We recommend to set a period over 3 years to keep the app running smoothly Screenshot_Android_Add_Repeat_Item_Details_comment

5.Tap on “Back” on the upper left to save the changes Screenshot_Android_Repeat_Items_custom

6.Tap OK on the pop up confirmation message Screenshot_Android_Repeat_Items_Back

7.Your recurring expense/income will now appear automatically in “List” each month for your chosen set date Screenshot_Android_List_Repeat_Item_Custom

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