[QMA] “Quick Money Recorder Android”v2.4.0 is just released

QMR for Android v2.4.0 Update Note

Apology for Quick Money Recorder v2.3.0 had view problem on some devices.

We added many convenient features such as “Weekly View”, “Keyword search for memo”, “Bar chart”, “Hide Time” and so on.
Subscription members can use “Monthly Report Output“ now!

・Weekly View
・Word Suggestion for memo
・Keyword search for memo
・Bar chart
・Home screen Icon Setting
・Hide Time setting
・Date format setting
・Show 2 digits under decimal point
・Free Calculater
・Change settings order
・Monthly Report *For Subscription Members
・Added Currencies
・Added Easy guide
・Added membership status
・Set limit for repeat item’s duration
・fix bug

Thanks for using QMR for Android! 🙂


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