[QMRP] “Quick Money Recorder Premium”v4.5.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder Premium ver4.5.0】
Dear user, we are excited to announce the release of QMRP ver4.5.0! This includes the improving of many features. You asked, we deliver.

【Update Details 】
●Improved Calculator
– You can delete a part of numerical formula by long tap.
– Number is copied to home screen and close calculator when you tap “Copy” button.

●Improved Display
– Total Balance is shown in year/week/day list when “Total Balance” option is ON
– Added “Expense total in Calendar” option. If turn ON this, “Total Balance” is shown in Calendar.
– Changed order of Category Budget Left the same as category panel.
– Improve “Manage point”
– Added option of Year start from April.

●Improve Monthly Cutoff date
– Added “Pay day” option for moving cutoff date automatically when payday is Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday.

●Improved Edit
– You can use Bulk edit after narrow down list.
– Added Copy function. You can create Expense/Income from previous Expense/Income by long tap or bottom of expense/income detail screen.

●Improved Sync feature
– You can sync stamp on calendar.
– Improved stability.

●Improved Backup
– Added “iCloud” as backup option.

●Fixed bug
– Fixed weekly list bug
– Fixed calendar bug

【Message from the QMR team】
We would like to thank you for using Quick Money Recorder. Now all users can backup their data by email, we strongly advise you to use this feature to make sure your budget is safe!

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