[QMR] “Quick Money Recorder”v4.0.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder ver4.0.0】
Latest App Update

【What’s new】
・Data Backup up with Google Drive or Email
 You can now save your budgeting data in your Google Drive Account or have it sent by email.
 You can only restore the backup data between the same operating systems (iOS only).
 ※This feature is only available to users who purchased the backup to Dropbox/Evernote feature or the premium upgrade.

・New Main Screen Design
You can now choose to display 4 icons on the main screen. In addition of “List” and “Settings”, get a quick access to “Graph” and “Calendar” from the main screen.
To add these new icons to the main screen, go to「Settings」->「Display Settings」->「Home Screen Icon Setting」and choose “Display 4 icons”.

・New Settings Page Design
 We revamped the “Settings” page by organizing them in expandable sections. You will also find a short description of what each action does.

・New international currency
 We added the CFA franc to the list of available currencies.

・Other changes and bug fix
 - After amending an expense detail using the keyword search feature, you can now come back to the search results list.
 - Critical Bug Fix

【Message from the QMR Team】
We heard you and took action! Our development team worked hard to add the backup to Google Drive and by email feature. We hope it will help you keep your data safe!
Bear in mind that the file created with your budget data may be too heavy to send by email if you choose to include pictures. You may have to choose the option to send the file without pictures if they are too heavy.

【Support us!】
Our goal is to keep improving QMR by adding more and more convenient features. If you like our work, could you write a review on the app store? The previous reviews are reset at each update and your support really makes a difference.

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