[QMA] “Quick Money Recorder Android”v2.5.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder Android ver.2.5.0 】
Latest app update

【Sorry for the crash】
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the crash occuring when displaying the “Week” view.

【New Features】
Add personalized “Labels” to your expenses! Set labels’names and use them as subcategories for your sources of income and expenses.
You have now more options to differentiate between the essential and non essential sources of spending.
Labels can be added at each entry or selected later. Add a label to one expense entry or use the bulk edit feature to link it to multiple entries.

―ver2.5.0 New Features―
◆Shop Name
◆Amendment to the discount and tax buttons on the calculator
◆Use the bulk edit feature to delete the picture or the tax details for multiple entries
◆Amendment to the design of the expense details and input panel
◆Budget Notification Feature
◆QMR is now available in French and Spanish
◆Change in the display of the monthly cut off date in calendar
◆Launch of the Smart Budgeter Club
◆Improvement to the visual interface

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