[QMR] “Quick Money Recorder”v3.9.2 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder ver3.9.2】
Dear users, we are glad to release a new update of QMR. You are now able to use a third-party keyboard with the app, we apologize for keeping many of you waiting.

【What’s new and what we improved】
・Third-party Keyboard
You can now use third-party keyboards such as Swype, SwiftKey, One-handed Keyboard with QMR.

・Bug Fix
We identified and fixed the bug that caused the app to crash. Please accept all our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

【Work in progress】
The app is not displaying the correct date when choosing a cutoff date and scrolling down from December 2015 to January 2016. We will have this problem fixed at the next update.

【Frequently asked question】
・Regarding the carried forward balance
When choosing this option, the remaining balance is carried forward to the next month. Unfortunately, this feature only works within the same year so the December 2015’s balance
will not be carried over to the January 2016 budget.
We are very sorry but you will have to enter the December 2015 remaining balance manually in the January 2016 income. It will then be carried over automatically from month to month.

【Message from QMR’s team 】
To answer a lot of users’requests, it is now possible to use a third-party keyboard with QMR. We apologize for the wait and for the inconvenience it may have caused in using Quick Money Recorder.
We value our users and strive to answer their needs. We hope you will appreciate our work and find Quick Money Recorder even more convenient to manage your money!

【Please support us!】
We are frequently releasing updates in order to continuously improve Quick Money Recorder. Unfortunately, users’reviews are deleted at each new update.
Reviews are important to us to promote our app and keep on going. Would you please take 5 minutes to write a review and help us? Thank you for your custom!

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