Easy Guide Basic Try Expense Input! Keying it in an easy way!

Expense Input

1 Input your expense 2 Select Category 3 Touch input!

Register expense in just 2 seconds.

You can also register your income!

Income input

1 Open by touch 2 Touch [Income] 3 Input the amount

Past expenses and income are easy to be registered!

Entering past expenses and income

Input the amount, and touch the memo icon! You can register your past expense and income!

You can track by the total through graphs and lists.

To view graphs

Touch the list, and you can view the graph!

You can change the view by touching the tabs

1 You can see the total expense of the day! 2 You can categorize the lesser used expenditures in "Others" automatically. When you press the triangle (→) the details can be shown.  3 By keying the expected income, in Total Balance,remainder would be shown! 4 When you press the Pie Chart button, you can compare the expenditures through the graphs by monthly or weekly etc.