[QMR] “Quick Money Recorder”v4.3.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder ver4.3.0】
New update available.

【Update Details】
・Change icon design
-App icon is changed for more stylish design.

・Improve passcode feature
– Passcode screen design is changed
– You can unlock app by Touch ID

・Improve input panel
– Show commma for 1,000 separate and added delete all button when tap amount in Quick Input Panel, Input from Calendar and Edit from list.
– Change order of category selection in Quick Input Panel, Input from Calendar and Edit from list.

・Add new currency
– We added Georgian lari

・Improve reset password of cloud account
– When user reset password of cloud account, you can set any passoword.

・Minor improvements/corrections
– Fix weekly list problem
– Fix crush bug
– Fix remaining balance problem
– Fix monthly report was unavailable
– Delete “Easy guide” popup when you launch app
– Expand area of touch recognition
– Improve screen of Databack up

【Message from the QMR team】
We would like to thank you for using Quick Money Recorder. Now all users can backup their data by email, we strongly advise you to use this feature to make sure your budget is safe!

【Please support us!】
We need you! If you like QMR, could you write a review on the app store? We have to ask at each app update as all reviews get deleted. It really makes a difference!

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