[QMRP] “Quick Money Recorder Premium”v4.2.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder Premium ver4.2.0】
Dear user, we are excited to announce the release of QMRP ver4.2.0 that includes the simple and stylish new design theme!

【Update Details】
・Add new design theme
– You can change app theme for simple and stylish flat design
 [Settings] -> [Display Settings] -> [Theme Color/Design] -> [Green (Flat Design)]

・Stamp for Calendar
– You can add stamp to Calendar such as Paid day, Birthday and so on..

・Graph of Income, Payment method, Shop name and Label.
– You can see graph of Income, Payment method, Shop name and Label.
To see these graph, go to Graph screen -> Option button on upper right corner -> Change Graph -> Select graph you would like to see.

・Hide selected category from pie charts.

・Increase photo number to 3

・Improve”Payment method” and “Shop Name”
– You can select blank for Payment method and Shop Name if you don’t need it.

・New International Currencies
– We added the Bangladeshi Taka

・Guide text on Settings

・Minor improvements/corrections
– Fix bug

【Message from the QMR team】
We would like to thank you for using Quick Money Recorder. Now all users can backup their data by email, we strongly advise you to use this feature to make sure your budget is safe!
※Free version users can access the email backup feature once a month only and are limited to choose “Email Backup without pictures”.

【Please support us!】
We need you! If you like QMR, could you write a review on the app store? We have to ask at each app update as all reviews get deleted. It really makes a difference!

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