[QMR] “Quick Money Recorder”v3.9.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder ver3.9.0】
We are proud to announce the last update of Quick Money Recorder. We hope you will appreciate the improvements made possible thanks to the hard work of our development team.

We love keeping up with technology and Quick Money Recorder now runs on Apple Watch! We hope this will please all our tech trendy users who will be able to track their daily and monthly spending directly from their wrist.
We launched the “Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme” to bring some fun into budgeting. This is an entertaining game designed to reward you for being good with your finances. Sign up now to receive free points and try your luck spinning the prize wheel.
If you have the chance to be among one of the lucky winners, you will receive an Amazon Gift Code! The more you keep track of your money and make entries, the more points you will earn. You just need 10 points to turn the wheel. Try it now!
“More detailed classification of your expenses/spending info”

To answer our beloved users’ requests, we added the “Label” feature.You can now customize labels and sort expenses and income by adding them to sub categories. You will be able to clearly visualize which expenses really matter in your budget from those you may consider as a waste of money! It is possible to assign multiple labels to a same spending/income entry for those of you who are very detail orientated.
When you turn on the label feature, you can add a label to all the entries made using the quick entry panel, the calendar or by amending data from the list.

―3.9.0 New Features―
◆Label Feature
You can add a label to your spending and income entries.
Turn the feature on from「Settings」→「Label Settings」.

◆New design for expense details in list and for the quick entry panel
We changed the design of how the expense details are displayed. You can display an expense detail by selecting an item from list, by taping on the quick entry panel on the home screen or by selecting an expense from calendar.
The main changes we made are:
– Day and time are now displayed together.
– You can amend info including the category, label, payment method or shop name directly from the quick entry panel.
– You can attach a picture.
– The expense’s note is fully displayed.
– When selecting the expense’s picture, it will be displayed in full screen.

◆Bulk Edit
You can add a “Label” using bulk edit.

Select “List” →”Action” on the top right→「Bulk Edit」and tick the entries you want to amend. You can then select the action you want to perform from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

◆Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme
You can try your luck at spinning the prize wheel when you reach the number of 10 and 30 entries per month. Sign up with your email address to use the code you will receive automatically and know instantly if you won!
◆Bug Fix
We fixed the bug that made the app crash when entering data using a 3rd party keyboard. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

【 Message from the support team 】
We strive to listen to your feedbacks and comments in order to continuously improve our app.
We would love to know your opinion so please send us any suggestion or comment you may have!
Quick Money Recorder Twitter:@MoneyRecordApp

【We have a favour to ask you!】
We are adding new features regularly to make Quick Money Recorder better and better. In order to show us your support, would you be able to take some time to write a review? We know that you may have already done it in the past but all reviews are deleted at each new update. We would really appreciate it!

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