[QMRP] “Quick Money Recorder Premium”v3.8.0 is just released

New update available.

We’ve fixed errors on the iOS9 and above versions.
The month’s name was wrongly displayed when amending the date from the quick input panel. The problem has been fixed in the current version, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

【New features announcement】After listening to your feedbacks, we are pleased to announce we added the “Shop Name” feature. We also improved the “Note History” feature added in the previous version by giving users the option to turn it off.

―3.8.0 New Features―

◆Enter Shop Name
You can now select a shop name when entering an expense.
You will have to turn on the feature in「Settings」→「Enter shop name」.You can amend the shop names from「Shop Name List」.

◆Budget Notification
When configuring the global budget, you can now receive daily push notifications displaying the current month’s budget balance as well as the remaining monthly balance divided by the number of days remaining until the cutoff date.
You can activate the feature from「Settings」→「Income & Expenditure/Budget Settings」→「Global Budget」→「Daily Budget Notification (Everyday 8 AM)」.

◆Picture Bulk Delete
You can bulk delete the pictures from the pictures bulk delete menu.

◆Default Languages
You can now select French and Spanish as the app’s default language.

◆Other improvements
・Improvement of the screen interface after input
We changed the character size and the icon design.

・iPad Screen Interface Improvements
The characters’size for the expense details are now bigger. We also made improvements to the menu and the category customization screens.

・Bug Fixes

【 Contact the support team 】
Our developers strive to improve QMR to make it a more and more convenient to our users.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any request or feedback through 「Settings」→「Feedback/Request」.
Quick Money Recorder on Twitter:@MoneyRecordApp

【Support us!】
Our goal is to keep improving QMR by adding more and more convenient features. If you like our work, could you find a moment to write a review on the app store? The previous reviews are reset at each update so we would really appreciate if you showed us your support (again).

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