Easy Guide Intermediate You can customize it based on your own lifestyle! You can set the categories and closing date as you prefer

Changing the categories as you like

Open the category area, and touch the [Customize Category] button!

You can change the order or even delete the categories just by touching! You can change your category just by touching! You can add additional categories (Up to 18)

With premium upgrade, you can add up to 99 categories!

Changing the Total sum

You can set period of total expense and income with “Day of Month End", either end of the month or by day such as 25th day etc as you like.

Touch to change the Settings, touch the Day of Month End button.

Select your preferred closing date!

You can save your expense with photos!

Like [What did I use it for?] , you can save the photos together!

After the input of income and expenditure, touch the shooting button! If you take a photo of your receipts, you can confirm the receipts detail later!