How-to: Change category

How to delete a category

*When you delete a category, expenses that used the category will change for "?" automatically. 1.Tap (▼) and spread category panel 2. Tap "Customize" 3. Tap Action button on upper right corner 4. Tap "Delete" 5. Delete buttons are shown on right. Tap and keep ...

How to change the order of each category

Spread the category list -> Push “Customize” button -> Push “Edit” button -> Move the category to the new position by sliding the icon on the right side of the category (note that categories are sorted in the “left to ...

How to add a new category

1. Tap (▼) and spread the category panel 2. Tap "Customize" 3. Scroll down to bottom. Then Tap "+Add Expense Category" 4. Enter category name then tap "Back"(←) button 5. Check new category is added 6. New category is added to category panel ###

How to change category name