“Quick Money Recorder” V2.4.0 Is Just Released

QMR Version 2.4.0 have been released yesterday.

In this version, we inserted summary divider (for year/month/day) which make the List easy to read. Moreover, since expense total is also displayed, it can look again immediately.

We aslo added the copy-paste feature which was requested by many users. This feature allows user to copy and paste on numbers on price and texts on memo. To copy texts or numbers, please tap and hold on them for a few seconds until the menu of copy/paste appears.

In addition, we accelerated the internal processing so that it does not become slow even if the data increased by numbers thousand.

Hope you like it.

Version 2.4.0 release note

1. Function addition
-Added the copy-paste feature
-Inserted summary divider for year/month/day to the List screen
-Added new data backup (local) feature

2. Fault correction
-Correction of the fault that the display of the list screen and the graph screen are slow in the case that the number of data are about or larger than 1000.
-Correction of fine fault


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