[QMA] “Quick Money Recorder Android”v2.7.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder Android ver.2.7.0】
Dear user, we are excited to announce the release of QMA ver2.7.0 that choose to have your calendar starting on Sunday or Monday. You asked, we deliver.

【Update Details】
・Calendar Starting Day
-You can now choose to have your calendar starting on Sunday or Monday.
  To set your preferred day, go in「Settings」→「Display Settings」→「Weekly Start Day」.

・Data Backup up with Google Drive or Email
 -You can now save your budgeting data in your Google Drive Account or have it sent by email.
 You can only restore the backup data between the same operating systems (Android only).
 ※This feature is only available to users who purchased the backup to Dropbox/Evernote feature or the premium upgrade.

・Monthly access to the email backup feature in the free version
-The email backup feature is now available to the free version users. Its usage is limited to once a month and it doesn’t include the option to backup the pictures.
 Go in「Settings」→「Data」→「Data Backup/Restore」→「Data Backup(E-mail)」→ For free version users「Send Email without Pictures」.

・Graph of Income, Payment method, Shop name and Label.
-You can see graph of Income, Payment method, Shop name and Label.
To see these graph, go to Graph screen → Option button on upper right corner → Change Graph → Select graph you would like to see.

・Hide selected category from pie charts.

・Addition of a 「Back」button on the Bulk Edit Screen

・Improve Receipt Analysis screen

・New International Currencies
-We added the Franc Pacifique and Moroccan Dihram

・Daily Login Point
-We will reward you with 1 point each day to use in「The Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」just for launching the app.
  To turn off the notification at the app launch, go into「Settings」→「Display Settings」→「Display Login Bonus」.

・Point Management Screen
 -We amended the point management screen of the「Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」to reflect the daily login point giveaway.
 You can now transfer your points to use in the 「Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」 anytime you want instead of each 10 and 30 entries only. To transfer your points, go into「Settings」→「Membership」→「Point Management」.
  ※「Point Management」will become available after 10 entries made in QMR.

・Minor improvements/corrections
 - Fix PDF problem

【Message from QMR’s team】
Please share your suggestions or comments by using “Support & Feedback” in “Settings”!
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