[QMRP] “Quick Money Recorder Premium”v4.1.0 is just released

【Quick Money Recorder Premium ver4.1.0】

Dear user, we are excited to announce the release of QMRP ver4.1.0 that includes the addition of multiple income categories. You asked, we deliver.

【We are sorry】Some users reported an error dates and day not atching in the calendar after changing their device’s time zone.We have now fixed this issue. We also fixed the Chinese character used to display the month and day in List.(2016年●月●月=>2016年●月●日)

【Update Details】
・Multiple Income Streams Categories
 -In「Settings」→「Totals/Records Settings」→ Activate the option「Income Category」. After pressing the 「Income」category panel, you will be able to add sub categories.

・Calendar Starting Day
-You can now choose to have your calendar starting on Sunday or Monday.
  To set your preferred day, go in「Settings」→「Display Settings」→「Weekly Start Day」.

・Addition of a 「Cancel」button on the Bulk Edit Screen

・Design iproveent of the quick input screen
-You can now scroll down in the note section if the whole text is not displayed on the screen.

・New International Currencies
-We added the Franc Pacifique and Moroccan Dihram

・Daily Login Point
-We will reward you with 1 point each day to use in「The Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」just for launching the app.
  To turn off the notification at the app launch, go into「Settings」→「Display Settings」→「Display Login Bonus」.

・Point Management Screen
 -We amended the point management screen of the「Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」to reflect the daily login point giveaway.
 You can now transfer your points to use in the 「Smart Budgeter Reward Scheme」 anytime you want instead of each 10 and 30 entries only. To transfer your points, go into「Settings」→「Membership」→「Point Management」.
  ※「Point Management」will become available after 10 entries made in QMR.

・Minor improvements/corrections
 - On iPads, the link “If you forget your password” for the Cloud Subscription login screen is now working properly.
 - Layout display correction in the iPhone6plus

【Message from the QMR team】
We would like to thank you for using Quick Money Recorder. Now all users can backup their data by email, we strongly advise you to use this feature to make sure your budget is safe! You can do this every month for free!
※Free version users can access the email backup feature once a month only and are limited to choose “Email Backup without pictures”. If you would like to include the pictures or perform backup more often, please consider purchasing the premium feature Backup to Dropbox、Evernote、Google Drive.

【Please support us!】
We need you! If you like QMR, could you write a review on the app store? We have to ask at each app update as all reviews get deleted. It really makes a difference!

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